Atuk Saya Yang Cakap. Dan Saya Setuju Dengan Atuk Saya...


"I am not in business for convincing people or just trying to recruit people, I am doing this to help people that want to help themselves, and want to make a change for their families.

I am very passionate about what I do.

This company is a perfect fit for me and everything that I believe. 

Shaklee is built on the golden rule and doing what is right.

Shaklee offers amazing nutrition lines, proteins, environmentally friendly cleaners, sports nutrition, anti-aging and more.

Their products have zero compromise for any artificial ingredients and every product is made from nature.

I want my kids growing up knowing that I was there for them and I also have made a huge impact in the world.

I can’t think of a better business model where I actually get paid to help other people and my success is based on how many people I help...." - Dr.Forrest C.Shaklee


Eh, ini bukan kata-kata saya tetapi kata-kata daripada Dr.Forrest C. Shaklee yang merupakan founder Shaklee Corporation. 

Tapiiii... saya sangat bersetuju dengan kata-kata ini, kerana inilah agenda yang saya bawa bersama sejak saya mula mengenali produk Shaklee dan mula memperkenalkan vitamin Shaklee awesome ni.

-Adila Khairy-
Founder: Sapphire Revenue Empire

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